AFA sponsored Fujian & Tasmania Art Expo

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Fujian Province in 2016 coincided with the Australian state of Tasmaniato celebrate 35th Anniversary of the establishment of sister province relation.”Tasmania Asia Week” is hold in Fuzhou on the 11 April 2016 to 17April 2016. As one of the “Tasmania Week”, Fujian and Tasmania held35th anniversary art exhibition opening this morning at the provincial museum.The event is organized by the Fujian Foreign Affairs Office, TasmaniaDepartment of Art, Museum of Fujian Province, Fujian Pictorial, AustralianFujian Association, and sponsored by Australian Fujian Association President,Miss Josephine Lam.


The art exhibition showcased 67 different styles of paintings of 11artists domestically and internationally. 39 artworks come from abroad and 28of the rest are from domestic artists. Towards the end of the exhibition, 4 ofthe overseas art works namely Chen Ping’s “Red Level”, Chen Zhong’s”Bird”, Li Hong’s “Spring” and “Autumn” will bepresented as a permanent collection of the Museum of Fujian Province. It isunderstood that the exhibition will last until April 28 and it will run for 16days.

AustralianFujian Association President Josephine Lam mentioned that she is very honouredto be participating in, promoting and sponsoring this exhibition as it is ameaningful artistic exchange and would like to give thanks for the supportgiven by Xiamen Airlines.

In 1981, Fujian and Tasmania signed the agreement toestablish friendly relationship between provinces and states and formallyopened the beginning of friendly exchanges. Throughout the 35 years, under thejoint efforts of the two provinces in the state economy, trade, culture,education, forestry, water, field production, etc. both have carried outfruitful cooperation, forged a profound friendship, and established the modelsystem of sister province.

澳洲福建乡情 2016-04-14

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